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[K], Mikoto

official mikoto x izumo?!?!



And just when I was thinking I couldn't possibly love [K] any more than I already do, the creators went ahead and MADE THE MARRIED COUPLE LOOK EVEN MORE MARRIED AAAAAAAAAAAAAA THIS PICTURE IS SO MOE

D-does anybody have a better scan? If I can find one, I'll be able to translate all the BL-ness text.

Also, can someone confirm which issue of PASH! this is? I'm pretty sure it's the December issue with Tiger & Bunny on the cover, but I'm not sure.


K's Kizuna and King (Kizuna means 'bonds' (between people))
Suoh Mikoto's role, Tsuda Kenjirou
This time we have an illustration of the Homra member's past appearances! In episode 6, their pasts were brought to light, but could it be that there was a scene like this, too...? [K], surrounded by complex bonds. The Red King, Suoh Mikoto - Tsuda Kenjirou-san will be talking about it!

Totsuka Tatara (CV: Kaji Yuki)
One of Homra's original members. Peaceful and has a personality that attracts people. A man of many hobbies; the guitar left behind at BAR HOMRA, the projecter, the bonsai and the skateboard are all his. Murdered by an unknown person.
Tsuda's Comment
Totsuka is a person who finds it difficult to express himself with words, but is very 'free'. Also, he's the type that doesn't worry over things, and has a sunny personality. Suoh has a gloomy personality, so he shines extra bright. So, before they knew it, he was already in everyone's hearts. All the people in [K] like to argue (laughs), none of them can have a proper conversation, so the relationship between Totsuka and Suoh is one without conversation. In Suoh's case, he's not really 'shy', but he tends to use violence and power rather than words (laughs). But the smiling Totsuka is properly lodged deep in Suoh's mind. Their relationship since high school days has been "mutually knowing each other well,", hasn't it? A deep connection, one without words. To Suoh, Tatara's existence was a very important one. (TN note: *sobs*)

Yata Misaki (CV: Fukuyama Jun)
Homra's raid squad captain, his epithet being 'Yatagarasu'. Skillfully uses a skateboard to kick around his enemies. He is quick-tempered and aggressive, but has a side to him that is shy around girls.
Tsuda's Comment
Out of the members of Homra he is the most simple, and a literal 'bad kid'. A true delinquent. He is impulsive, so is treated like a child. Probably because the people around him have a mental age of around 40. I suppose devastating experiences turn humans into adults (laughs). So in that meaning, Yata is very young. But, that is also why he can live peacefully. He is a familiar existence. (TN note: Not sure about that last part; I couldn't see the scans clearly)

Kamamoto Rikio (CV: Nakamura Yuuichi)
A member of Homra. Right now he's super big-built, and drives a 'big starter'. He works with Yata a lot and is always losing to him by power. This time, his thin figure makes an appearance!
Tsuda's Comment
No.1 most popular from the Homra cast. His striped jersey that packs a punch; a real delinquent. But when he's thin he's super good-looking. A very interesting character. A moving fatty is the easiest to use, and above all, his ----- is cool! (TN not: CAN'T READ SCANS SJFKLBJLVJSLZ) The scene in episode 1 when he came out on the Big Starter was super cool. Him and Yata make a good combo.

Fushimi Saruhiko (CV: Miyano Mamoru) (TN Note: AAAA SARU'S TEXT IS CUT OFF)
Used to be a member of Homra; the blue clan-------
Now is Sceptor4's No.3. Former friend------
-----is called 'traitor'.
Has an unmotivated attitude, but has the ability to do anything from information processing to battle-----
Tsuda's Comment
Fushimi's way of ---- is wonderful isn't it? (TN note: Can't read scan) 

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Thank you for translating! @_@ I hope you find better scans :D excited to read more about Izumo.
Oh, you're welcome! No luck finding full scans yet. And ARE YOU AN IZUMO FAN, TOO? :D
He's actually not as popular as I thought he would be. I have the biggest crush on him though, so I love finding fellow fans~
I love all them boys so much it's hard to say, but Izumo is probably one of my favorites :D The fact that he looks like Shizuo from Durarara! with the purple glasses on helps too HAHA XD This pic with him and Mikoto is just so adorable *__*

*sobs* I know, it's so perfect, I can't even ablahjlvbjasb. The creators know how to appeal to the fans way too well XD
IKR, now I don't know who to really ship Mikoto with. Maybe they all get into a threesome or foursome. HAHA

Omg they do and I'm glad creators in general are picking up on how to make good fanservice for fangirls 8D I kind of feel like Project K was some sort of apology for all the harem animes last season.

AND THREESOME OR FOURSOME, YOU SAY?! *drools* Please elaborate in detail who these threesomes/foursomes would involve. PLEASE.
IT IS, because if I remember correctly last season wasn't a very yaoi one for me. XD

YES THREESOME OR FOURSOME OR EVEN MORESOMES. Mikoto/Munakata/Izumo/Tatara/Yata... maybe throw in Fushimi too. DAMN :))
8D 8D 8D *is giggling like an idiot* 8D 8D 8D
I stumbled upon this pretty late, but if you're still looking for a bigger scan, this one is pretty freakin' huge.
God, that pic is so Mikoto x Izumo!! *kyaaa XDD* argh sooooo cuteee!! Izumo~ i love youu!! can't wait for your full translation on him!! XD mikoto x izumo pairing really need more love!

and i can't even recognize that blonde man on the right. can't believe he's Rikio!

oh, i think i'm a little bit too late in finding this article haha. anyhow, it's really good to see mikoto x izumo pair out front like this~ thanks for the translation!
don't cry, take your time. no rush. i'm in love with Tsuda-san. i find his voice and image very attractive. i always daydream that he would be my future husband. tee hee! ;) though, he is very analytical on the guys of Homura. Mikoto will always be my fave king of all. take your time with the rest and i'll be waiting.